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So there have been discussions about JKR's handling of the romance in HBP. While I was extremely satisfied with how everything turned out, I'm fully aware that there are lots of people who aren't. I saw a discussion where it was mentioned that a lot of people had been longing for character-driven romance when JKR delivered plot-driven romance. That remark reminded me of something that I said about H/G at some point. With the help of the search option of gmail, I found what I said and where I said it.

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And I think I should got to bed now.
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Before I started rambling incoherently (under the cut of course), I just want to give a review of sorts. It's something that was exchanged between [livejournal.com profile] misspince and myself earlier this morning (through text messaging).

Me: "This book fucking rocks!"

Miss Pince: "Dude, you don't say!"

My raw and immediate reaction to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - SPOILERS of course )

I could probably think of more but I'm going to get an hour of worth of sleep or so before embarking on a journey to London to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] misspince and [livejournal.com profile] seviet.
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I've received and read some possible spoilers for HBP now and that has just made me more excited for the book if that's possible. Anyway, that's all I'm going to say without a cut, filtering and such.

But I think it's speculation time now though I'm not going to speculate further about the spoilers, though the back cover of the US edition of HBP might be mentioned. Actually I'm going to rehash an old theory of mine.

The Theory of Odd and Even )

This next thing here is much more speculations and a discussion than a theory.

Alcohol in Harry Potter )

I sincerely hope that the next six days will be quick to pass.
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I've been wanting to write down some predictions for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince but there's one problem I've encountered. As we come closer to the end, there are things that need to be resolved and some of them will start to come to pass in HBP. It can prove problematic trying to figure out what they are.

So I figured if I did the predictions and theorizing in parts, then I might have chance to get something out there.

A cut for those who are avoiding speculations and such )


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