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Interestingly enough, I've more job-related stuff to write about. I've also applied for umpteenth time for a job at the National Archives. It was always a total long-shot since it's a management position. The director of the National Archives seems to be stepping up his game with sending out information to the applicants. So yesterday I got an email with the number of applicants and their names. And therefore I know right away that I totally shouldn't get my hope up because among the applicants is the person who currently has this position (so I'm guessing this is like a re-organization thing) and a lady whose been working there for years and has a PhD in archival sciences (and she taught a course on archives back when I studied history).

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I can tell you that, despite my deadlines, today was dedicated to the Glee Finale. I cried, I laughted. I wrote about it here. I also participated in a thing on tumblr and wrote about Glee and the fandom here.

And for the people who liked Glee when it began but stopped watching, you should check out the first half of the finale (at least).
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Let us rejoice in the fact I'm not going to talk about work in this entry. Except if I had figured it out faster that I needed hot yoga to get some of the work-related tension out of my body.

I met up with [personal profile] write_light yesterday. He has been traveling around Iceland with his husband. I showed them around Reykjavík a bit (and Seltjarnarnes :D) and we had dinner. It may sound corny and weird but I love showing my foreign friends around my town. I wish it happened more often (hint: come for a visit - I'll show you around). Also it's always lovely to meet up with great people.

On few of the houses and fences in my neighborhood, there are murals and elaborate graffiti. I actually need to go around take pictures to show you because a lot of it is rather brilliant. But the newest addition to this unconventional gallery of art is a mural on the end house in the row of houses my house is situated in. You can see a picture of the mural here. It was painted this week and the artist started with the eyes and I saw the work at that stage and I knew right away of whom the portrait was. The grandparents of one of my best friends used to live in this house (her cousin owns the house now) and the portrait is of my friend's grandfather, one of the kindest and most loving men I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. This is such a fitting tribute to him.

And then I wrote a rambly thing about celebrity relationships and RPF here on tumblr.
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I think I'm having some kind of job-related existential crisis. I ended up not bothering filling out an application for that head teacher job at the pre-school near my house and I'm currently coming up with all kinds of excuses not apply for a history teacher position. You know, a similar position to the one I threw a great hissy fit last year when I didn't get it.

What's going on with me?

Am I getting old and afraid of change? Am I thinking "better the devil I know than the devil I don't"?

Maybe it's just getting closer to the "Hildi needs a vacation" time of the year. And I say this despite the three day long weekend I'm currently enjoying and it has been enjoyable, with a party and loads of lazing about.


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