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I think I've been watching Rome too much or something but I suddenly thought of something that I haven't seen addressed in the Harry Potter fandom much.

We often ponder who will die, from the "good guys" side and the "bad guys" side. We also know that amongst the "bad guys", there are people who don't hesitate in murdering and torturing others.

I do think that the "good guys" do have their shades of grey, perhaps best illustrated with Harry himself as he has attempted to used the Cruciatus Curse more than once.

So who of the "good guys" (the younger fraction in particular) would be capable of killing someone? And here I'm not talking about Harry having to kill Voldemort but him killing someone else. Snape perhaps or Peter Pettigrew. Would JKR write something like that in her last book in the series? Will the war develop in that direction?

I did made a poll to see what you think. I didn't put all of the "good guys" there so make use of the comments if you can think of something I didn't (which is very likely). Also I don't think it's necessary to answer that you think Harry will kill Voldemort but if you want, you can put that down.

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Dec. 19th, 2005 04:50 pm
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Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] hetobeto, for that wonderful Christmas card!

Every now and then I remember to check my reviews on the Sugar Quill. Sometimes I get really strange reviews there, like the one I got for Leap where the reviewer told me off for have Ron and Hermione living together before they were married. Anyway, got another strange review for that same story where the reviewer said that Ron must have rubbed off on "Hermy" as she swears in the fic. I had to scratch my head over that one, as far as I remember, Hermione thinks "Blimey!" and calls Ron in an affectionate tone "a bastard" and maybe I don't have enough sensibilities but those barely register as swear words in my mind. They should be glad that they didn't read the other version of Leap where Hermione says "Fuck!" instead of "Blimey!".

Maybe it's the sailor-blood in all Icelanders but I don't know a single person in real life who doesn't swear from time to time and when I lived in England, them Englishmen seemed to have just as colourful vocabulary.

So therefore I decided to make a poll on swearing.

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