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Dear Yuletide writer,

Yuletide is upon us yet again. I love this time of year and I do hope you do too, dear writer, and that you aren't completely dismayed to have been assigned to write for me. It's my greatest wish that you'll have fun writing for me.

1. Figure skating RPF

Prompt: AU (or not an AU...) Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernández are being tested. By a pair of sibling Trickster gods, Alex and Maia Shibutani.

I think this is the third year I'm asking for a fic involving Yuzuru and the second year I'm prompting Alex Shibutani as a Trickster god. So it's easy to surmise that I really want a fic involving those elements. I kind of want to say that I don't know where this prompt came from but that would a lie. It stems from the fact that Alex Shibutani is always up to no good. And the reason why I want to involve Yuzuru is just the simple reason that I love him as a skater and as a human being. I also like his buddy friendship with Javier. So dear Yuletide writer, if we are matching on the figure skating, then please let your imagination rule wild. If you need to throw shippy things in, be my guest but please, don't feel obliged to do so. I just love me some skating RPF.

2. Jitters (2010) - movie

Prompt: I want to see an exploration of the relationship between Gabriel and Markus where the movie leaves off.

What I think is so awesome about the movie itself, is the fact it doesn't dwell all that much on what is happening between Gabriel and Markus. Therefore things between them seems to develop in an organic manner. I want to see where that relationship goes, how Gabriel will explain the relationship to his friends and for how long he will keep it a secret from his family (I'd love to see how his father reacts). So yeah, what I want is a couple of teenage boys navigating a relationship together and trying to figure it all out.

3. Queer As Folk UK

Prompt: Fourteen years later, Vince and Stuart find themselves in Manchester again. Nathan is getting married, Alfred has a girlfriend and Hazel just meddles in everything.

So when I was re-watching parts of QAF UK the other day, it struck me it's been fourteen years since it first aired and I started wondering where Vince and Stuart and the rest of the characters would be today, road-trips in flying jeeps aside. What I love about Vince and Stuart, is that they accept each other for who they are and I like to see that part of their dynamic explored as they get older and wiser. I also want them thrown back together with older version of the other characters.

4. Struck By Lightning

Prompt: Malerie and her life after Carson's death but with Carson's narration. Maybe the Carson in Marerie's head is narrating, maybe he's haunting her.

Okay, this movie got to me and the character of Carson got to me. Damn you, Chris Colfer. Maybe because I recognized myself in Carson (at least the teenage me). Who knows? But I also have a lot of affection for Malerie and want to image that great things happened to her, maybe because she knew a very ambitious boy who dared to dream. And for some reason I would like to know what Carson would have thought to Malerie and her life after his death (convoluted as that might sound).

5. Shameless (US)

Prompt: Debbie Gallagher's not-so-good kind-of-disastrous plan of keeping Carl out of trouble he wasn't actually in.

Debbie is my favorite Shameless character. That girl and her big heart have gotten to me. I love how she cares for her family, her optimism (and boy, it does sting when people and the world in general lets her down). I love her resourcefulness and how she sacrifices herself for others. And I do like the fact that Carl is her opposite in so many way so it make for a very interesting sibling dynamic. My dream is to see a fic where both Debbie and Carl show their Gallagher resourcefulness. Throw in as many of the other characters you like because I like them all (even Jimmy/Steve).

As for general fic likes, I'm easy to please really. I confess to be a bit of romantic as well as avid enjoyer of the racier sort of fanfic but I have an appreciation for most genres and writing styles. I'd rather want a writer being comfortable than bending backwards just to please me. Really, mostly I love a good piece of fanfiction. I suppose my defunct rec list might help you a bit and my likes on tumblr (why yes, I'm obsessed with figure skating and Glee).

I'm not easy to squick though I'd prefer it if all bloodplay is kept far away from me. I steer pretty much clear of gore and scat though those aren't true hard squicks like bloodplay is. I'm not keen on non-con (can read it under certain circumstances) and would prefer not to be tested with that in my gift fic. I don't really like kidfic (love it when kids are PoV characters but prefer not to read about the perils of parenthood and other such matters). Other than that, I don't think you need to worry much. If you like to make 100% sure that I'll be OK with what you are writing, you can go and ask [personal profile] sarka or [profile] vanessawolfie.

I wish you, dear Yuletide writer, all the best in your endeavors. I hope you have loads of fun writing a fic for me as I have a feeling whatever you'll come up with, will totally make my holidays.
Lots of love
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