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Dear Yuletide writer,

I can't believe it's time already for Yuletide. This is always such an exciting time. All I wish for you is that my requests and prompts will fill you with inspiration and make you eager to get down to writing.

1. Figure skating RPF

Prompt: AU (or not...) Alex Shibutani is a Trickster god. Yuzuru Hanyu is a mortal in need of a lesson from a Trickster.

So yeah. I kind of want to say that I don't know where this prompt came from but that would a lie. It stems from the fact that Alex Shibutani is always up to no good. Why I want to inflict him on Yuzuru is a different story. I don't think Yuzuru needs to be taken down a peg or anything like that (I find him pretty humble actually). I just think he would react in an interesting way to a Trickster testing him. I hope that makes sense. If you need to throw shippy things in, be my guest but please, don't feel obliged to do so. I just love me some skating RPF.

2. Jitters (2010) - movie

Prompt: I want to see an exploration of the relationship between Gabriel and Markus where the movie leaves off.

What I think is so awesome about the movie itself, is the fact it doesn't dwell all that much on what is happening between Gabriel and Markus. Therefore things between them seems to develop in an organic manner. I want to see where that relationship goes, how Gabriel will explain the relationship to his friends and for how long he will keep it a secret from his family (I'd love to see how his father reacts). So yeah, what I want is a couple of teenage boys navigating a relationship together and trying to figure it all out.

3. Saved!

Prompt: Cassandra and Roland are awesome. So awesome that they make it their mission to cheer up Hilary after her crashing into Jesus (and everything else).

So Cassandra and Roland are a rather kick-ass pair and while they were at odds with Hilary, they did show her some sympathy towards the end of the movie. I want to see more of that and I want to see Hilary loosen up (but not too much though). But yeah, basically I want hi-jinxes and if you want to pick another flavor, go ahead.

4. Husbands

Prompt: Brady and Cheeks are pretty famous but there's an even more famous gay couple getting married. Brady and Cheeks experience mixed emotions.

Because the second season of Husbands was so much about the notion of celebrity and sexual orientation and identity, I want a further exploration of that and even in a wider context. Feel free to use areal life famous gay couple or just make something up. And I like it fluffy and happy, please.

As for general fic likes, I'm easy to please really. I confess to be a bit of romantic as well as avid enjoyer of the racier sort of fanfic but I have an appreciation for most genres and writing styles. I'd rather want a writer being comfortable than bending backwards just to please me. Really, mostly I love a good piece of fanfiction. I suppose my defunct reclist might help you a bit and my likes on tumblr (why yes, I'm obsessed with figure skating and Glee).

I'm not easy to squick though I'd prefer it if all bloodplay is kept faraway from me. I steer pretty much clear of gore and scat though those aren't true hard squicks like bloodplay is. I'm not keen on non-con (can read it under certain circumstances) and would prefer not to be tested with that in my gift fic. I don't really like kidfic (love it when kids are PoV characters but prefer not to read about the perils of parenthood and other such matters). Other than that, I don't think you need to worry much. If you like to make 100% sure that I'll be OK with what you are writing, you can go and ask [livejournal.com profile] sarka or [livejournal.com profile] vanessawolfie.

I wish you, dear Yuletide writer, all the best in your endeavors. I hope you have loads of fun writing a fic for me as I have a feeling whatever you'll come up with, will totally make my holidays.

Lots of love
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