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Jul. 28th, 2012 01:11 pm
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This is a birthday post! Attention: this is a birthday post. Happy Birthday, [ profile] sigrundora!! See what I made in your honor!

In 2010 I wrote a stunning fic, in 2011, while drunk on some dubious Japanese beverages, I wrote a sequel and in 2012 I bring you MORE Chad!

Title: The Heavy Tears of Chad Michael Murray
Fandom: Only RPS would allow Chad Michael Murray and someone's baby to co-exists within the same story
Rating: Pretty tame considering.
How offensive: Very. There are tears and everything.
Genre: The unlikeliest of creatures. CMM hurt/comfort.
Who the hell told you that you could post this? No one. It's your virgin eyes that get the honor to burn.

Jared had just put Thomas down to sleep when his cell phone went off. Thankfully it was set to vibrate so there was no chance that the baby would wake up.

“It's Jared,” he answered as both Gen and Jensen had a habit of answering his cell when he was neglecting to answer it, mostly because he had his mouth full.

The person on the other line seemed to be trying to say 'hey' or something like that but it was hard to tell because they were sobbing uncontrollably.

“Who is this?” Jared tried.

“It's Chaahd,” the person on the other line whimpered.

“Hey, buddy, what's up? Why are you crying?” Jared had never heard Chad cry except on TV and face it, Chad wasn't all that good with the emotional scenes but the fact that Jared had worked for so long with Jensen might have been clouding his judgment.

“I hate it here. It's all awful.” A shuddering sob echoed in Jared's ear and as he pulled the phone a little away from his ear, he wondered what on earth Chad could have meant.

Because Chad had landed a small but significant role on what he described as a huge blockbuster movie based on a superhero comic. Unfortunately everything was been kept under such tight wraps that Chad's contract stated that he couldn't mention the name of the movie nor name any of his co-star. Hell, he couldn't even say where he was filming. And Jared would have thought that Chad should be beyond ecstatic to have landed such a role in something that would bring him a much needed publicity, something he had lack while doing the metric ton of Lifetime movies he'd been involved in. Plus Jared had hoped that it would cheer Chad up because he was unhappy about how his comic book had been received. Most people who came to get autographs with Chad at Comic-Con, usually brought pictures from his One Tree Hill or Gilmore Girls days for him to sign and hadn't cared two bits about the comic book.

“What on earth is going on?” Jared asked, using the soothing tone he normally used with Thomas. The sobbing on the other end of the line seemed to be dying down.

“It's just... the lead and the main supporting actor... it's like watching you and Jensen. Why can it be me? The lead has chemistry with the freaking set pieces. Instead I'm stuck in scenes with the main actress and she's treating me like she might catch something if she'd get too close. I thought this would bring a little bromance into my life. Jay, I can't do this.”

Jared had known for a long time that Chad would never have any proper bromance or at least not when it always looked like he was mentally undressing every female in his vicinity, even if it was an eighty year old grand-mother. But he also knew how Chad envied him and Jensen and Steve and Chris and Danneel and Genevieve.

“Chad, this isn't like you. You are always like the main man, you are Mayhem. And sometimes you have grab the bull by its horns. Don't wait for the lead to notice you. Go over there and make a chemical compound of your own.”

Sniffing, Chad murmured something that Jared couldn't hear.

“Cheer up, if that doesn't work, I shall throw a huge party in your honor when the movie wraps up. You can decide the guest list and everything.” And Jared put away the phone as Chad started rambling on about who should be invited to his grand celebration.

“All the gang, even Misha... we need schedule it when he's not in Haiti. Gosh, all the cool and popular people... I mean, if you can't get Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch or someone of their caliber, then Scott Disick and Rob Kardashian are acceptable. Get those ice skaters, they are fun, even the tall one with the weird coloring. But above all, you need to get Mark Sheppard. Dude still owes me money...”

Jared looked over where Thomas was sleeping soundly. Only if it was as simple to comfort his son as it was to comfort Chad.

-To be continued


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