Oct. 18th, 2015

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Dear mysterious Yuletide writer,

It‘s Yuletide time again and I feel fine. I hope you're feeling fine as well, dear Yuletide writer. This is the place where I tell you that I'm easy to please and what I want most, is for you, dear mystery writer, to write what you want in the way you want to write. I do have prompts and things like that and I'll tell you a little bit about my likes and dislikes a little further down in the letter. Therefore I hope you're inspired by my prompts and that you'll have great writing experience.

Fandom: Figure Skating RPF
Characters: Johnny Weir, Stéphane Lambiel, Evan Lysacek and Brian Joubert.
Prompt: What I want basically, is something that could be called How Johnny Got His Groove Back. I want a happy Johnny doing fun Johnny things and Stéphane, Evan and Brian being along for the ride or maybe instigating the process of Johnny getting his groove back.

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Fandom: For Real - Alexis Hall
Characters: Laurence Dalziel and Toby Finch
Prompt: A glimpse or two in the future of those two.

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Fandom: Five Dances (2013)
Characters: Chip Daniel, Cynthia, Katie and Theo
Prompt: This movie is so understated and lovely. I just want more about all these characters, more backstory and things like that. Would love to Chip and Theo go and visit Chip's mom like they talk about in the movie.

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Generally, I'm a reader of most genres but romance is probably my favorite, especially the racier sort. I like all kinds of kinky stuff but what I like most of all is realistic sex and plenty of emotion and feelings. Humor is awesome and I love dialogue and communication. I do love my angst and misunderstanding and character-driven plot tension. I love AUs, even some of the most common ones.

While I do read dark fic, I'm quite picky about it and I like to be in control of such reading experiences. So I advise you not to go very dark. As for the dislikes, well, I only have one hard squick and that’s bloodplay. Also, while I do love kinks, I like to have some control over when I read most of the hard kinks. But still I'd rather like that you, the writer, write what’s right for the story, if you know what I mean.

My hope for the person who writes for me, is for them to have a lovely Yuletide experience and write something they love to write. I'm curious to see what I'll receive and I‘m confident that I'll love it to pieces. Should the writer want to ask anyone who know something about what I like and what I might not like, then [personal profile] sarka possesses that knowledge. Also, here's my tumblr in case that will be of help for you.

I wish you the best of Yuletides.

Yours etc.



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